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20 September
I don't really exist, I live in emeraldshadows

Wait and see what I become.

Everything about Lilly Marhime (also called Stands-With-Knives-As-Eyes) is just a little bigger than average. She is slightly taller, more muscular, and slightly plumper than other young women her age. Her personality seems to extend a little further as well. She has a wild curly hair the color of walnut husks, tanned olive-toned skin, and expressive blue eyes that can point like daggers. She also has a roman nose, full lips, and a curvy body and wide hips. She has muscular legs born from endless walking and hiking. She prefers to wear rather rustic garb made of natural fibers (silk scarves, peasant skirts and loose blouses), hiking shoes or sandals, and gold hoop earrings. She is rarely seen without a sturdy hiker's backpack and walking stick. She wears a necklace with symbols of many world religions (cross, crescent, Star of David, etc.). She goes by
Lily, Lilly, and Lili depending on her mood.

She is a lanky black wolf in lupus from, long legged and sheer footed with large yellow eyes. There is a shock of gray fur on the underside of her tail and at her throat. This lean but muscular profile is retained in Crinos form, but her mixed heritage has resulted in the loss of the classic Silent Strider profile, and she is relatively indistinguishable form others of the lupine kin.