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Late in the evening

Lily sits on the windowsill with one of her long legs dangling out the window. Her bags are unpacked, it is amazing how little she actually owns. **Here are all my worldly posessions.** They amount to only a few days clothes, some jewelry, her violin of course, and a prodigious amount of camping gear. On the wall hangs a large National Park Service map of the Great Smokey Mountains, with several trails marked in different colored ink. Besides that a few photographs make up her decorations. She takes a long breath of the night air though her nose and sighs softly before taking up her notebook.

Travelogue, 31 August 2005
I am here and settling in. I find myself at a strange lack of words right now. Such So much has happened already and I have met so many new people. I've started to make a cheat sheet of the Japanese names, otherwise I would be so lost. It would be a disaster if I called someone the wrong name, or used the wrong honorific. This is a proud people, in that sense they remind me of my father's kin. That could be a way I could cope with all of this! Pretend I'm joining a caravan for a while, having to learn all of the customs and rituals... Father, (I know better than to call you "dad") I wish you were here. I wish you could see me and be proud. Would you be proud? I have imagined so much, if I could just meet one kin who knew you. I wonder.

She sets down her journal and wipes her eyes, sniffs, and scowls at her own foolishness. **I can't come apart at a time like this. I've got to be as strong as my name again. I've got to be a warrior even, maybe even a leader.**

She looks around the spartan little room.
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