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1/9/06 07:37 am

Travelogue, 1 January 2006
A new year and a new quarter at Miyagawa.
One roommate has returned, but I can't say I feel relief.
Edeyn is troubled, she was attacked. By what I cannot guess.
But I will spill blood soon, if I have to do it on my own. I swear it.

10/28/05 02:10 pm

Travelogue, 28 October 2005
Had an aumusing conversation with Sal today. City dogs are so secluded. How could anyone think that a few square miles of spiderwebs and concrete makes up all there is to know and want in life? I'd like to see him live off the land for awhile, to trust and listen for the Mother to provide what is needed, like that Christian scripture verse about the flowers.

I wish the workload was not so busy, I want to climb these moutains.

I have more to write, but I'm not ready to share yet...

10/24/05 09:38 am - DM?

Can I get a Charisma/Performance roll? http://www.livejournal.com/community/emeraldshadows/7918.html

Stats here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/lily_marhime/2005/08/26/

9/17/05 08:39 am

Travelogue, 1 September 2005
Well, I've managed to make a complete fool out of myself in front of someone I wanted to impress, and that wasn't even my first full day here. Way to make an impression. Ah, well. Luna did not intend those under my kind to have the best relationships with the Quick, I must remember that and be thankful the for gifts I am given. Maybe there will be time to mend the friendship later on. I'm so nervous, I hope it won't make me so... standoffish like it did back when I was in school. People are going to think I'm a weirdo.
I really like my roommates! Sunny is fun (can't wait to find out more about her, like how her traditions vary from ours) and I like seeing Edeyn open up around us. Mischevious that one. I wonder about that man, Joe whom we met, is he Folk of of the People? Well, temptations should come after our courtesy here or things could get bad. Still...

9/13/05 03:43 pm - Late in the evening

Lily sits on the windowsill with one of her long legs dangling out the window. Her bags are unpacked, it is amazing how little she actually owns. **Here are all my worldly posessions.** They amount to only a few days clothes, some jewelry, her violin of course, and a prodigious amount of camping gear. On the wall hangs a large National Park Service map of the Great Smokey Mountains, with several trails marked in different colored ink. Besides that a few photographs make up her decorations. She takes a long breath of the night air though her nose and sighs softly before taking up her notebook.

Travelogue, 31 August 2005
I am here and settling in. I find myself at a strange lack of words right now. Such So much has happened already and I have met so many new people. I've started to make a cheat sheet of the Japanese names, otherwise I would be so lost. It would be a disaster if I called someone the wrong name, or used the wrong honorific. This is a proud people, in that sense they remind me of my father's kin. That could be a way I could cope with all of this! Pretend I'm joining a caravan for a while, having to learn all of the customs and rituals... Father, (I know better than to call you "dad") I wish you were here. I wish you could see me and be proud. Would you be proud? I have imagined so much, if I could just meet one kin who knew you. I wonder.

She sets down her journal and wipes her eyes, sniffs, and scowls at her own foolishness. **I can't come apart at a time like this. I've got to be as strong as my name again. I've got to be a warrior even, maybe even a leader.**

She looks around the spartan little room.

8/29/05 05:17 pm - Flying

Travelogue, 29 August 2005
Airline flights upset me! I like to feel the ground beneath my feet when I travel, this pitching and rolling is foolishness. Plus, I convinced the person sitting next to me to give me the window seat on the Atlanta to San Fransisco leg (youth has its privileges) and I was disturbed by what I saw. Even going over the most jagged stretch of the Rockies, I always could spot at least one logging road or glint of some metal contraption. I almost wanted mother to shake her shoulders and throw them off like so many spiderwebs. Now that I think of it, that's kind of what they are in a way.

Onto Nippon.

8/28/05 07:54 pm - Final preperations

Lilly paces around her small rented room. It in the small hours of the morning. The other hostel travelers are out drinking and enjoying the humid Summer weekend. Her bag has been packed and repacked, but a few items remain out. **Well, better now than never..** She sits down on her cot and takes up the post card she bought that afternoon.

August 28
Dear Mother,
This is it, I leave tomorrow. Just wanted to reassure you that this is a full scholarship, don't worry about the money. I'm going to do the best I can, I know you always wanted me to finnish school. I'm hoping this will lead to something big, so you won't have to worry about me turing into a shiftless traveler like my father. I promise to write you as soon as I get to Japan. I'll keep in touch this time.

With love,
Your daughter, Lily

She sniffs and looks over what she has written. "Okay, I'll mail this from the airport... No turning back now." She lays down and waits for sleep to come.

8/28/05 01:28 pm - Waiting

Travelogue, 27 August 2005
I'm in Atlanta now, staying at a youth hostel. It's pretty neat meeting other women from all over the world, Greece, Ireland, Australia. I'm considering it a good preparation for the Miyagawa School. I've been spending some time at the library looking up information on the school, Osaka, and writing down simple Japanese phrases out of books. I'm leaving for the west coast in a few days.
I don't like being in a city this big. It's strange, my money is running out. I am never at a loss of food when in practically any forrest in america, but finding meals alone in the city is a burden. Japan will be a big transition. I'm trying not to worry.

8/27/05 04:23 pm - Preperations

After a few hours effort Lily finds the perfect spot for a meditative break, a switchback on the trail with a glorious view. The air is heavy with moisture and oppresive heat. Animal noises of cicadas and crickets ring loudly across the valley. She climbs up on a boulder and admires the view of gently rolling hills and verdant geen vegetation. **Ahh, mother you are glorious... the Smokeys will always be my favorite mountain chain...** She tries to ignore a blight off to the south, where what looks to be a small amusement park has been built. Shrugging off her anger she thinks **Well, Monet ignored the factories when he painted lilies, didn't he. I won't have much time before I have to go.**

Sitting cross-legged on the stone she opens up her journal.

Travelogue, 15 August 2005
Hard to believe I shall be leaving soon! I am only a little worried about my first trip by plane. I wish that we could take a moon bridge a more natural means of transportation, but I understand that such ties of diplomacy are slow in making if they are to last. I should get going. I do love this country, but I also think this is a auspicious time for travel. So many unpleasant things are happening in my country. I love it dearly and will fight when the time comes, but the opportunity in the travels I am facing fill me with excitement. Worry too? Of course. But the danger should be faced, and confronted or outrun. I have a certain duty, and I feel it strongest when in lonely and beautiful surroundings such as this. This is why I go. May the spirits and my conscience guide me well.

She packs her journal away and after munching on some miner's lettuce and nuts she sets off back down the trail again. She sighs and smiles contentedly. **Traveling again..**
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